This is an incorrect log entry that can be safely ignored

How to collect Acronis OS Deploy Server operations log

How to collect Acronis Snap Deploy Agent operations log

There are no logs for the recovery operation from online backup storage

How to export the product's operation log in XML format

Wie man das Log der Aktionen im xml Format exportiert.

This warning message means that the recovery model of the selected database is Simple, so there are no transaction logs to back up

Try removing Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer to see if this resolves the issue

The subject of the E-mail shows the full operation log

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 failed to access the backup archive to delete it

What to do when only several computers are deployed successfully

Add "Launch and activation permissions" to the user under which Acronis Managed Machine Service runs or disable Windows Management Integration in Fujitsu Agent

This is either a false warning or a known issue with Build 12497

These errors can be safely ignored or you can eliminate them with a workaround

Run Acronis Managed Machine Service under Administrator instead of Local System account

Specify Acronis License Server by IP address instead of machine name

Delete the Acronis Managed Machine Service (MMS) logs and Acronis Agent backup policies to resolve the issue

This is an internal service warning that can be safely ignored

How to investigate issues with Acronis PXE Server