Download Linux components from Acronis website

How to manually select components for Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5/11 Advanced installation and install the program locally

Run the remote installation wizard and install Acronis Backup & Recovery 11/11.5 Agent on top of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent or on a clean machine

You have specified incorrect machine address or the hidden Admin$ share is disabled

The user under which you are trying to install is part of the "Deny log on as a service" user rights assignment policy

There are two installation file types: standard installer and web installer

Download an install the latest version of Windows Installer on the target machine

Make sure you have ports 9876 and 25001 open

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5)
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11



  1. You start remote installation of Acronis components.
  2. Installation fails with the following error messages:

    Failed to get information about remote machine

    Failed to connect to the service

    Failed to connect to Windows service

The "Log on as a service" right failed to be automatically added to the user under which you are trying to install

Install an older version of dkms and rebuild SnapAPI

Make sure the user is a member of the local Administrators group and/or try disabling UAC

Create a new user account manually and specify it as Acronis Management Server Service user during installation

Acronis Removable Storage Manager (ARSM) is installed in C:\Program Files\Acronis

Prepare machines for remote installation of Acronis Backup Advanced components

Bereiten Sie die Maschinen für eine Remote-Installation der Komponenten von Acronis Backup vor.

  • Wenn Sie Windows XP ausführen, deaktivieren Sie die folgende Option auf der Maschine:

    Systemsteuerung -> Ordneroptionen -> Ansicht -> Einfache Dateifreigabe verwenden

Falls die Installation eines Acronis Produktes fehlschlägt, sollte einer Supportanfrage immer die Logdatei beigefügt werden

Start the installation, enter the serial number and follow the wizard. The product will automatically activated and tied to your machine

Werkzeug zur Verwaltung geplanter Tasks in Acronis-Produkten


Acronis Scheduler Manager ist ein Befehlszeilenwerkzeug, mit dem Sie geplante Tasks und den Dienst Acronis Scheduler2 verwalten können.

Die folgenden Anweisungen gelten für alle Versionen und Editionen von Windows.


Verwalten des Diensts Acronis Scheduler2 Service

Update and repair Windows Installer to fix the issue

To install Acronis True Image on your computer, download the installation file from your account or from the purchase confirmation e-mail.


This article explains how to temporarily turn off Windows Defender Antivirus in case it conflicts with Acronis software on Windows 10, e.g. prevents successful software installation or update/upgrade.

Es handelt sich hierbei um ein Problem von Windows.


Der Versuch, ein Acronis-Produkt zu installieren, scheitert mit einer Fehlermeldung, die ungefähr so aussieht:

Fehler beim Installieren der Assembly.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Hilfe und Support.


This article illustrates how to install software using an MSI package post-deployment in Acronis Snap Deploy 5. Here we will transfer an MSI package to the target machine and install it by calling msiexec.exe

If the MSI package is already included in the master image, you only need to specify Applications to run parameters.



Place the MSI file on a network share that is accessible to the deployed machines.



Windows 10, starting with version 1803, includes Windows Defender Exploit Guard, a new security layer in addition to the standard Windows Defender Antivirus.

We recommend keeping your Acronis True Image up to date. Having a full or an upgrade license of Acronis True Image 2019 Standard you are eligible to download and install any new build (an update) of Acronis True Image 2019 for free. You are eligible to download and install any new build of Acronis True Image Advanced or Premium as long as your subscription is valid.

Downloading the update