Restore the files/folders again with the File level security settings option ticked off

The backup or replication task fails with the "Instances list is empty" error. This article describes the possible reasons and solutions to this issue

The most probable cause is that the Linux distribution is missing the 32-bit libraries

What the issue may be related to and how to overcome it


Acronis OS Selector fails to load with Starting Acronis Loader... or with an endless loop of error messages.

If the error message is MBR Error 3, then the last booted operating system starts.


Delete the ACEP task in Windows Agent or Virtual Appliance

Creating an MS Installer Log of Acronis True Image 2015


Acronis Smart Error Reporting ist eine Technologie, mit der Acronis-Kunden Zugriff auf eine Online-Datenbank mit Lösungen und relevante Informationen zu Fehlermeldungen bei Produkten von Acronis erhalten können.


Wie funktioniert Smart Error Reporting?

Wenn das Acronis-Produkt meldet, dass unter Windows keine Festplatten gefunden wurden, wird der Zugriff wahrscheinlich von der Software eines anderen Herstellers blockiert.

(!) Wenn das Problem bootfähige Acronis-Medien betrifft, lesen Sie bitte das Thema Acronis Bootable Media Does Not Detect HDD, RAID or NIC.

(!) Informationen zu NAS-Backup finden Sie unter:

Solving a problem with error code 1722 (RPC server is unavailable)

The user account, under which Acronis Managed Machine Service is running, has no Back up files and directories and Restore files and directories privileges

Remove Acronis Storage Node from Acronis Management Server and add it back to fix the issue

Delete the redundant task script using Schedmgr


  1. You have Acronis Disk Director 11 installed on Windows 7/2008 R2;
  2. You open Windows Event Viewer (Start-Run -> eventvwr.msc) and in Application Log see errors similar to the following one:

    Level: Error
    Source: SideBySide
    Event ID: 33


When launching MassTransit Enterprise or Professional, the following error message occurs at startup:

Missing Hardware Key

After dismissing the error dialog, MassTransit fails to open, returning the user to the desktop.

This message only appears where USB hardware keys are implemented.

This is a known issue. Place the backup to a different location to mount it

Double-click on the error to find the complete code

The issue has been fixed, please update to the latest build. This is an erroneous message. The archive itself is deleted