This article describes what steps should be taken when unable to retrieve SharePoint data from backup, while database is visible in backup.

In case if unable to find SharePoint data in backup, please refer to following article: Acronis SharePoint Explorer: Unable to find SharePoint data in backup

Microsoft SharePoint uses Microsoft SQL server to keep its data in SQL databases.

This article will be updated with known issues and troubleshooting information. For now, if you are facing any incorrect or incomplete results of SharePoint data recovery, please collect the following information and contact Acronis Customer Central.

Issue description

In rare cases after the Acronis True Image installation, you may notice that your Windows system started taking more time to boot. This article helps you to find out what slows Windows boot, provides steps to solve the issue and describes the information to collect for further investigation if need be.


To troubleshoot the issue you need to understand which service or process causes slower boot.

Anweisungen zur Analyse und Lösung von Problemen mit beschädigten Backups

Dieser Artikel gilt für:

  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery)
  • Acronis True Image
  • Acronis Snap Deploy


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In seltenen Fällen kann ein Problem bei der Installation von Acronis True Image auftretten. Dafür haben wir die schnellen Lösungen gesammelt: 

Installation Fails with "An error occurred during the installation of assembly" "Microsoft.VC80.CRT,publicKeyToken"

Installation Fails with "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed"

Mailbox-level backup - is a type of backup that stores contents of Exchange mailboxes and/or public folders.

Acronis Backup accesses the contents using Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), so backing up multiple mailboxes may take a long time.  Backing up at a mailbox level makes sense when you need to frequently back up a small number of mailboxes. Otherwise, consider a database-level backup (Information Store backup).

Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich mit der Lösung von Performance-Problemen in Acronis True Image.

Grundsätzlich wird die Performance des Produktes von uns konstant optimiert. Wir empfehlen daher, dass Sie immer auf das neueste Build aktualisieren, um die beste Performance bei Backups und anderen Aktione zu erreichen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie zur Lösung von Performance-Problemen immer das neueste Build des jeweiligen Produktes verwenden (sofern möglich).

This article describes how to proceed if you have faced an issue with creating WinPE-based bootable media with Acronis True Image.

Make sure you are following instructions from the user guide on creating bootable media based on Windows Preinstallation Environment: Web Help: Creating WinPE-based rescue media.


This article provide troubleshooting steps for license assignment issues: in case license cannot be assigned to an Acronis Agent or an assigned license was lost by an Agent.

Every Management Agent (Agent for Windows, Linux, Hyper-V or ESX) requires a license to perform backup and restore operations. Other components do not require a license.

When configuring Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange for backup or recovery operations, you may encounter issues with detection of the Exchange Server cluster components or data.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot detection issues:

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup scheme allows reverting the protected data to any point in time.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot CDP Backup Failure:

During Exchange data recovery with Acronis Backup Advanced you may encounter one of the following problems:

Follow these steps to troubleshoot issues with single-pass backup of SQL Server databases:

While configuring a backup plan to backup Microsoft SQL Databases with Acronis Backup, you may encounter problems setting up the MS SQL-related settings.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot backup configuration issues in Acronis Backup & Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server:


Some of hard drives or RAID may not be recognized by Acronis Snap Deploy or may be displayed incorrectly. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.



Software kann unter bestimmten Umständen abstürzen. Es ist sehr wichtig, von einem solchen Absturz einen Bericht zu erstellen, als zu versuchen, eine Möglichkeit zur Umgehung des Problems zu finden. Der normale Ablauf bei einem Absturzproblem sieht folgendermaßen aus:

In some cases, system can become unbootable after recovery operation. No BSOD, just a black screen with blinking cursor or a boot error is displayed. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.

Instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with corrupt backups

In some rare cases there can be some issues with HID devices, e.g. you booted machine from Bootable Media and your USB mouse doesn't move or keyboard doesn't type or types wrong. Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

What should be checked if an Acronis Home product does not accept serial number

This article provides information on how to troubleshoot issues with Try&Decide feature.


If you have Boot Order Lock or a similar boot order protection feature on your computer, disable it before using Try&Decide, as it can interfere with the software's ability to take actions after reboot.

This article cover errors and failures cases with System clean-up in Acronis True Image. It provides information about steps necessary for investigation. Always make sure you are facing the issues with the latest build of the product (if it is possible).

System clean-up issues may happens under specific circumstances. To identify the exact cause, it is necessary to look into the Acronis System Report and Process Monitor. Please complete prerequisites step before proceeding to Collect information step.

Instruction on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with Acronis Universal Restore or Acronis Universal Deploy

About Universal Restore and Universal Deploy

Universal restore technology is intended to provide ability to boot operating system after migration to dissimilar hardware. Most common issues are related to non-bootable operating system after restore with Universal Restore.

Please pay attention to the following prerequisites:

Troubleshooting Acronis Backup and Recovery NIC detection issues


In some rare cases there can be some issues with network cards.

So here is the situation: You booted machine from Linux-based Bootable Media and your NIC doesn't acquire DHCP address or isn't listed as device


Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

The Acronis Management Server keeps detailed information about each Agent and its status inside an MS SQL database. This allows us to provide detailed reporting functionality by running queries on the database. Instead of forcing you to formulate and run these queries manually, we have provided integrated GUI functionality to run these queries and receive results in an HTML format. If you are facing issues with this reporting functionality, please follow the troubleshooting guide below.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a Cataloging Issue

This article cover errors and failures during disk management operations in Acronis Backup, including cloning, conversion and volume deletion/creation issues. It provides possible causes for the errors and how to troubleshoot the issues.