Acronis Agent for Hyper-V is unable to back up virtual machines (or virtual drives) if the virtual drives storage is allocated on a CSV organized under Windows 2008 R2 environment

Make sure the backup is run under administrator or that you back up without using VSS

Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack unterstützt dynamischen Laufwerke oder Laufwerke mit GUID-Partitionstabellen (GPT).

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Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack supports dynamic disks or disks with GUID partition tables (GPT). Acronis True Image Home does not

Difference between the Linux-like and Windows-like disk representation in Acronis Bootable Media

This option has been disabled for system disks or partitions on system disks

Installation von Acronis Disk Director 11 Home in Windows

Es wird empfohlen, die Festplatten vom Acronis Boot Medium zu klonen.

Details of dynamic and GPT disks support in Acronis Snap Deploy 4

After restoring a disk encrypted with Check Point software, the partitions on it may become inaccessible

Acronis Secure Zone cannot be created on a disk protected with low-level encryption software

Slow data transfer speed in Windows, possible reasons and workarounds

About recovery of dynamic/GPT disks and volumes with Acronis Small Office: Server Cloud Backup

Deployment fails because there is no disk at all, Acronis Linux fails to detect it, or there is not enough free space

Restoring disks and partitions in Windows and from Acronis Bootable Media

Table of Windows Editions and dynamic disk types they support

It is recommended to clone the disks from Acronis Bootable Media

Create a backup plan to have the backups saved to the root of the USB disk or to a certain folder on the disk

Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 lets you clone one hard disk drive to another. Should the size of the source hard disk drive differ from the target hard disk drive, exisiting partitions can be resized during the process of cloning.

Explanation of why there can be up to 7.8 MBytes of unallocated space that cannot be removed by usual means

The backup is on an external disk which is unavailable at the time of the validation

Known health reporting issues in Acronis Drive Monitor