A non-Acronis application blocks Port 69

How to proceed with the issue when after successful deployment, the target system is being system patched on every reboot

How to collect Acronis OS Deploy Server operations log

How to collect Acronis Snap Deploy Agent operations log

How to export the product's operation log in XML format

Wie man das Log der Aktionen im xml Format exportiert.

Provides information about the system in Acronis Linux

Lists all PCI devices

Try removing Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer to see if this resolves the issue

Uninstall Acronis True Image, delete the TrueImage subkey from Windows registry, and install Acronis True Image again

Peculiarities and limitations of using Acronis True Image corporate products with tape drives

What to do when only several computers are deployed successfully

How to investigate issues with Acronis PXE Server

Acronis Disk Director reboots in Windows Native Mode to commit pending changes, but the operation either fails with an error or completes with no result

How to capture Windows registry

You need to collect restore operation log and save it to an external/flash drive, a network share or a floppy disk

So erstellen Sie Dr. Watson-Absturzabbilder


Wenn eine Anwendung und nicht das ganze System abstürzt, müssen Sie möglicherweise ein Dr. Watson-Protokoll erstellen.

Vollständige Abbilder sind sehr groß (bis zu 800 MB). Daher werden Sie möglicherweise gebeten, den Acronis FTP Server zu verwenden. Siehe Uploading Files to Acronis FTP Server.

Try running Checkdisk and updating Acronis drivers to resolve the issue

How to troubleshoot and solve the issue

There can be several reasons why you are not able to locate the desired network share when booted from a standalone version of Acronis True Image

Obtaining cdrecord.log to troubleshoot issues with creating Acronis Bootable Media or with creating backups on optical discs

Wie überprüft man, ob die Installationsdatei vollständig und korrekt heruntergeladen wurde.

What the issue may be related to and how to overcome it


Acronis OS Selector fails to load with Starting Acronis Loader... or with an endless loop of error messages.

If the error message is MBR Error 3, then the last booted operating system starts.


How to run and view Windows System Information

How to obtain ftp.log file

How to proceed if an Acronis product freezes the system during the operation or installation

When contacting Acronis Customer Central with a technical issue, it is recommended to have Acronis System Report at hand

Process Monitor ist ein spezielles systeminternes Überwachungstool für Windows. Es wird verwendet, um einen bestimmten Prozess zu analysieren und um Kompatibilitätsprobleme zu finden

How to collect logs of SnapAPI drivers in Linux

If a backup mount operation fails, Support Engineers may ask for TibMounter logs to investigate and solve the issue