Acronis True Image 11 Home crashes on the Backup Archive Location selection screen due to the conflict with Widcomm drivers

Acronis Group Server installed on Windows 2000 Server crashes when trying to add an Agent

When installed on the same machine with PC Angel, Acronis products either crash or cannot access hard disk drives

If Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 was updated from an earlier build, reinstall Acronis Bootable Rescue Media Builder to resolve the issue

Download and install the latest build of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 to solve the issue

SQL Express SP3 conflicts with Windows XP SP2. Install SP3 or hotfixes from Microsoft to resolve the issue

There is an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine that crashes the application

Working around the situation when Acronis True Image crashes with an MS Visual C++ Runtime Library error message on attempt to edit the existing Backup Location

This is a compatibility issue which will be fixed in the next update of Acronis Disk Director 11 Home

So erstellen Sie Dr. Watson-Absturzabbilder


Wenn eine Anwendung und nicht das ganze System abstürzt, müssen Sie möglicherweise ein Dr. Watson-Protokoll erstellen.

Vollständige Abbilder sind sehr groß (bis zu 800 MB). Daher werden Sie möglicherweise gebeten, den Acronis FTP Server zu verwenden. Siehe Uploading Files to Acronis FTP Server.

How to collect dumps when Acronis True Image crashes


  1. You have installed Acronis True Image 2016 on your Windows computer.
  2. You boot Windows in Safe Mode.
  3. A BSoD with this error message occurs:


Issue in the snapman.sys driver of Acronis True Image.


The issue has been fixed in Hotfix 1 (build 5576), please update the product.

If the Acronis Storage Node component crashes during any operation, please enable the automatic dump creation on this machine for troubleshooting purposes.

To enable automatic dump creation, follow these steps:

This article instructs how to collect an application's memory dump file under WinPE/WinRE-based bootable media.

The dump file is required for investigating cases of application crashes and hangs.

Erstellung eines Speicherabbilds von abgestürzten oder hängenden Prozessen mit ProcDump


This article explains how to resolve a problem, when Windows does not boot and snapman.sys is mentioned on the blue screen (BSOD), after an attempt to uninstall or force remove Acronis software.


BSOD during computer bootup related to snapman.sys after removal of Acronis software. Windows does not boot in normal or safe mode.


Acronis True Image closes unexpectedly at startup if Wacom software is also installed.


Known compatibility issue.


Check if the issue is resolved after each step:

How to create Dr. Watson crash dumps


1. An Acronis Service (Acronis Managed Machine Service, Acronis Management Server Service etc) is not running,
2. When you try to start it from Windows Task Manager or Services window, it fails with message The system cannot find the file specified.


When an application crashes on macOS, a system service named "CrashReporter" captures information to a file that can then be used to diagnose the problem.

This note details where the CrashReporter stores these files.


The CrashReporter saves the relevant system information in a file in one of two places depending on whether you are logged in as an administrator or not.

The two locations are:

~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter, and


If one of the Acronis components crashes during any operation, please enable the automatic dump creation on this machine for troubleshooting purposes.

To enable automatic dump creation, follow these steps:

There is a native and simple way to collect dumps in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2


Backup fails sporadically due to service_process.exe crash

Error message in log details:

TOL: Process 'service_process.exe' has failed.


Service_process.exe crashes due to access violation exception when interacting with OS network calls.


On the machine where Agent is installed, replace logging.dll libraries with custom libraries containing a fix: