ATIH - Recovery

Dieser Artikel gibt Informationen zur Lösung von möglichen Problemen bei der Wiederherstellung von Dateien/Volumes/E-Mails.

Gehen Sie, in Abhängigkeit von dem bei Ihnen vorliegenden Problem, zu dem entsprechenden unteren Abschnitt:

Wiederherstellung einer Partition schlägt fehl

Folgen Sie diesen Schritten, um die Wiederherstellung durchzuführen (oder um das Problem genauer zu bestimmen, falls eine genauere Untersuchung notwendig ist):

In manchen Fällen verliert ein System nach einer Wiederherstellungsaktion seine Bootfähigkeit. Es wird keine Absturzmeldung (Bluescreen, BSOD) angezeigt, sondern nur ein schwarzer Bildschirm mit blinkendem Cursor oder eine einfache Bootfehlermeldung. Diese Artikel beschreibt, wie man zur Lösung solcher Probleme vorgeht und welche Informationen zusammengestellt werden müssen.

In some cases, system can become unbootable after recovery operation. No BSOD, just a black screen with blinking cursor or a boot error is displayed. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.

This article provides information on troubleshooting possible problems with file or partition recovery.

Depending on the issue you are facing navigate to the corresponding section below.


  1. It is not possible to perform disk/partition recovery to a disk with a different logical sector size.

    You can check the logical sector size in the system information:

    • Go to Start. In search, type msinfo32.exe and press Enter.

Product may hang under specific circumstances.

There are 2 types of hanging:

  • Actual hanging. That is a state similar to a crash. That means that software halts and is doing nothing inside.
  • Infinite loop. This means that on the outside the software looks hanging but inside it is doing some actions over and over again.

Usually when a software hangs its process uses either 100% of CPU (especially when it is infinite loop) or does not use CPU and does not change RAM usage at all (Actual hanging). Still it is difficult to make sure if the software hangs or not. The above means that usually 1 dump is not enough because if that is Infinite Loop – the developers will see that software is working and there is no problem inside. So in order to troubleshoot application lockups you need about 5 dumps collected one after another. A Process Monitor Log will also be useful especially if it actually turns out to be an Infinite Loop.

Please note that an application lockup does not necessarily mean the software is completely unresponsive. A process can hang (e.g. service_process.exe hangs and a backup is stuck), but you can still browse vaults, create new plans etc.

Define the hanging process using Windows Task Manager. In some cases multiple processes are involved in an operation. In this case the hang of 1 process can be caused by some operations in another process. In this case you need  to collect memory dumps of all processes involved in the operation. E.g. if a backup to Acronis Storage Node hangs, you need to collect a dump of service_process of the agent as well as StorageServer.exe process on ASN machine.