Detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot issues with tape drives and Acronis True Image Echo

With Acronis Universal Restore you can recover the image of your system to a machine with dissimilar hardware

This article describes why it may not be possible to connect to Acronis Agent for Linux installed on Debian x64. The article also provides a solution for that.

First Acronis True Image Home 2011 creates a full backup of the data selected for protection, and then saves only the changes made to the data

Remove the logical volume manually before restoring a disk image on a volume group

Disable automatic scanning of MAC addresses to work around the issue

Start the product and click "Activate"

Depending on the amount of protected data modified since Acronis Nonstop Backup was paused, restarting it may temporary load CPU

You have entered an incorrect E-mail or password. Please ensure that you type in a correct E-mail and password for your Acronis account

Make sure you have Acronis True Image Home 2011 installed. Then install Acronis Plus Pack over it

You can set a Normal, High or Low priority to a backup or restore operation

Download and install the latest build of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 to solve the issue

E-mail backup can only be restored to the same e-mail client

Backup schemes allow you to optimize backup storage space usage, improve data storage reliability, and automatically delete the obsolete backup versions

Limitations on LVM support in Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux

Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to resize partitions during cloning

This is by design to optimize the search speed in the product

As a workaround, unplug the USB device and reboot the machine

Try solving the issue by increasing the IRPStackSize value

List of supported storage options

Backing up E-mail messages, accounts and settings

When running in Windows Acronis product supports all RAID arrays Windows has drivers for. The standalone version of Acronis products supports most of RAID arrays.

ESX Server mounts the storage using UUID. With the hard disk changed, UUID changes too. Hence, ESX fails to mount

Acronis Plus Pack is a separate add-on for Acronis True Image Home 2011 that has Acronis Universal Restore, Acronis WinPE ISO Builder and supports dynamic/GPT disks