The backup on the network share has been moved or is corrupt. Use the "Remove the list" option to delete the backup

Benennen der Backup-Dateien mit dem Namen des Archivs statt mit automatisch generierten Namen

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The backup on the network share has been moved or deleted. Use the "Remove the list" option to delete the backup and recreate it

This article describes how to delete backups, files or folders from Acronis Cloud

Acronis True Image hangs when there is Kidswatch Time Control installed on the machine

How to troubleshoot and solve the issue

The error message shows up only on the first boot after system restore

How to create Acronis Bootable Media with a backup archive on it (all-in-one)

Backup fails with "Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: The archive is corrupted (0x70020) Tag"

How to delete backup archives in Acronis True Image Home 2011

Adding a backup to list or at product start shows error "Failed to add the backup to the backup list. The folder contains a renamed copy of the same backup, or does not contain the last volume of the backup"

Keep a copy of your backup archive in the virtual machine format ready for instant recovery

Restore the files/folders again with the File level security settings option ticked off

How to remove Acronis Backup Archive Explorer

Wie unterscheiden sich das Voll-Backup, das differentielle Backup und das inkrementelle Backup voneinander?

Rename the metadata file to its standard name or recreate the metadata files.

When trying to recover a backup created using a previous version, the backup archive is not shown in bootable media. To solve this issue, click on refresh.

File restore from backup archives located on tapes has been implemented in Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5

The issue has been fixed, please update to the latest build. This is an erroneous message. The archive itself is deleted

This is a known issue. Place the backup to a different location to mount it