71602: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Error "The user does not belong to the group ancestors" While Browsing the Data in Web Restore

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Last update: 10-01-2023


When attempting to browse data using the Web Restore console, the user receives an error message stating that access is denied because "The user does not belong to the group ancestors":

As a result, the user is unable to reach the data they are attempting to access.


This error occurs if the user attempting to browse the data does not have the appropriate administrator rights. You can learn more about administrator rights in guide to user roles available for each service.


In order to access data using the Web Restore console, a user needs to have the Company Administrator role. Follow the steps below to set the appropriate role for the user:

1. In the Cyber Protect Cloud console, go to Company Management > Users.

2. Click on the user whose role you want to change.

3. Once the user settings panel opens, click the Edit icon under the Services and roles section.

4. In the Service and roles settings, check the Company administrator box.

5. Click Done to confirm.