71591: Acronis Cyber Protect: Local update fails with error "The installation failed" in wizard, bootstrapper.log is 0KB

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Last update: 03-02-2023


  • You are trying to perform an Agent update to the build 30948
  • Updating fails with uninformative error "The installation failed" in wizard
  • The bootstrapper.log is 0KB.


Compatibility issue between the old and the new Active Protection mechanism.


Apply one of the following solutions:

1. Update to Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 4.1 first (build 29486)

2. Temporarily disable Self-protection in the Antivirus & Antimalware module of the corresponding protection plan:

More information

If the suggested workaround didn't resolve the issue, collect Process Monitor Log during installation, system information from the affected machine, and contact Acronis Support.