71566: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Customize DLP rules for sensitive file types

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Last update: 22-12-2022


C22.12 introduces a new feature that prevents transfers of sensitive files of specific types to external destinations. "Customize DLP rules for sensitive file types" reduces risk of data leakage from end-customer workloads by customizing the DLP policy with rules that prevent unauthorized transfers of specific sensitive file types. 

What's new

  • DLP policy rules can control information flows based on types of transferred files considered by end-customers as sensitive:

  • Custom file type sensitivity categories can be created using a combination of custom and built-in file type based detectors:
  1. Custom detectors: configurable file type groups. 
  2. 37 built-in file type detectors.

  • Binary signature-based detection of 5,500 file types, including embedded files and files in nested archives.