71559: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Backup for Synology NAS

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Last update: 09-03-2023


Starting from C22.12, the new functionality "Backup for Synology NAS" is introduced in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud which will reduces operational costs by removing the requirement for the partner/end-customer to provide a dedicated server that will enable NAS backup.

To be able to back up a NAS, you should enable the offering items "Network-attached storages (NAS)" and/or "Network-attached storages (NAS) (included features)".

What's new

  • New agent for Synology (DSM v6.x), which is provided as a package for the Synology Package Center:
  • Backup and restore data from Synology NAS devices.
  • Preserve ACL and NAS-specific share permissions during recovery.
  • Use Agent for Synology for off-host data processing operations; for example, utilize NAS CPU/RAM resources to perform backup management tasks, such as backup replications and validations.
  • The data from NAS shares is accessed locally instead of reading it over the network (via SMB), thus providing better performance: