71547: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Remote desktop protocols

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Last update: 14-12-2022

Remote desktop protocols

C22.12 introduces 2 new Remote Desktop protocols:

  • NEAR: Acronis proprietary cross-platform and secure remote desktop protocol.
  • Apple Screen Sharing: macOS built-in screen sharing component.

Please refer to the table below for more information about all protocols:

  NEAR RDP Apple Screen Sharing
Acronis proprietary remote desktop protocol Microsoft proprietary remote desktop protocol macOS built-in screen sharing component
OS support Windows, macOS and Linux. Windows Only macOS only
Installation Cyber Protect Agent (with Connect module) should be installed on the  remote workload.  RDP access should be enabled on Windows workload. Screen sharing should be enabled on macOS workload.
• User credentials for remote workload
• Asking for control/ observe
Windows user credentials (username, password, domain)
• macOS user credentials (username, password)
• VNC password


Check the suitable License edition for each protocol in the table below:

Standard Product Advanced Management
Remote Connection protocols
Remote connection via RDP (desktop client) YES YES
Remote connection via RDP (web client) YES YES
Remote connection via NEAR NO YES
Remote connection via Apple Screen Sharing NO YES