71545: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Remote desktop and assistance Licensing

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Last update: 12-12-2022


In C22.12, the new functionality "Remote desktop" is introduced in the Advanced Management pack for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

To access all the features in Remote desktop and assistance, the Advanced Management pack is needed. Some features can be obtained with the standard product such as Remote desktop connections via RDP and Workload management actions (shutdown, reboot, sleep, empty recycle bin, logout)

For more details, check the table below:

Standard Product Advanced Management
Remote Connection
Remote control YES YES
Remote assistance NO YES
File transfer and sharing NO YES
Remote actions YES YES
Selecting a session to connect NO YES
Concurrent connections per technician YES YES
Observing in multi-view NO YES
Connection modes: Control / Observe / Curtain NO YES
Connecting via Quick Assist application NO YES
Remote Connection protocols
Remote connection via RDP (desktop client) YES YES
Remote connection via RDP (web client) YES YES
Remote connection via NEAR NO YES
Remote connection via Apple Screen Sharing NO YES
Session management
Session recording NO YES
Reporting and monitoring
Session history and search NO YES
Screenshot transmission NO YES

More Information

For additional information about features, check Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Full features of Remote desktop and assistance