71541: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Full features of Remote desktop and assistance

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    Last update: 31-12-2022


    Starting from C22.12, the new functionality "Remote desktop" is introduced in the Advanced Management pack for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

    It’s easy to use, one application for seamless access and support for Windows, macOS and Linux workloads, saving the time and cost of traveling for an on-site fix, using highly secure NEAR proprietary protocol, fully integrated and at no additional cost to Advanced Management.

    Remote desktop functionality requires two-factor authentication to be enabled on the user who remotely connects to agents.


    The new Remote desktop and assistance offers various features, such as Remote Connection, Remote Connection protocols, Session management and Reporting and monitoring. 

    The full list of the features along with detailed information can be found here:


    More Information

    For additional information about the suitable license edition to access the features, check Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Remote desktop and assistance Licensing