71535: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Hardware compatibility for future major releases

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Last update: 09-12-2022

Starting from the next major release, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) will run on Linux kernel 5.x. To be able to update your cluster without service downtime, your hardware must be supported. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure with the new kernel works on the same hardware that is recommended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Ensure that the hardware you are using is or going to use has the required certification and compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

Software release consisting of two (2) or optionally three (3) digits separated by decimal points. The first digit is the Major Release number, followed by the second digit, which is the Minor Release number, and optionally a third digit corresponding to the Maintenance Release number.

Compatibility for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure running inside of virtual machines

There should be no compatibility issues with next major release for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure installations running inside of virtual machines deployed per documentations:

Hardware compatibility check

The following approach may be used to check if the used hardware is compatible:

1. Check with your hardware manufacturer support department for RHEL 9 compatibility;

2. Check if your hardware is in the list of Removed hardware support per official RHEL 8 and RHEL 9 documentations:

Devices (drivers, adapters) listed in those sections of RHEL documentations correspondingly will be no longer available and recognizable in release of ACI running on Linux kernel 5.x.

3. Check if your hardware is in the list of Unmaintained hardware support per official RHEL 9 documentation:

Devices (drivers, adapters) listed in that section of RHEL documentation are no longer being tested or updated on a routine basis in RHEL 9. Correspondingly using such devices in production with ACI running on Linux kernel 5.x. is not recommended.

More information

Acronis references:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux references:

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Contact Acronis support in case of the questions regarding the topic.