69559: Acronis Cyber Platform: Saving data while configuring N-able N-Central integration fails with "Something went wrong" error

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Last update: 06-12-2021


While performing configuration of N-able N-Central integration, section 5 of the guide, you get this error:

Something went wrong while saving the data.


There are 2 potential root causes of the issue:

  1. While entering the URL of the datacenter for the cloud version of N-able N-Central integration, a trailing slash was added to URL.
  2. It is an on-premise deployment of N-Central server, installed as described in (https://documentation.n-able.com/N-central/userguide/Content/ReleaseDocs/Install_Config/InstallConfig_InstallingPhysical.html)


  1. If the issue is caused by the trailing slash, remove it from URL and try again.
  2. For on-premise N-Central server: Support of in-premise N-Central server will be added in future releases of N-able N-Central integration. There is no workaround at the moment.