64739: Acronis Cyber Backup: archive content cannot be browsed if sector-by-sector backup mode was used

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Last update: 23-04-2021


You want to browse archive and restore a certain file, but backup content is not displayed:

There are no items to show on this view.


Backup was created in sector-by-sector mode.

Sector-by-sector mode is used to back up unsupported or unrecognized file systems. Please check backup logs for messages like:

Error 0x7002e: Forced sector-by-sector mode.
| trace level: information
| line: 0x8ba4fa0bac28c293
| file: e:/612/core/resizer/archive3/backup_partition.cpp:1344
| function: BackupPartitions
| volume: system-root
| fstype: NONE
| $module: disk_bundle_lxa64_15300


Check the list of supported file systems:

If the file system is supported, review logs to see further messages that would indicate the reason why backup switched to sector-by-sector mode. Contact Acronis Support for assistance.

If the file system is not in the list, only sector-by-sector backup mode is available. You can restore the entire disk.