63369: Acronis Cyber Backup: Operation fails with "Failed to lock the file"

Last update: 25-08-2021


  1. You create a backup using Version 12 format.
  2. An operation with archive (e.g. applying retention rules) fails with the error message

    Failed to lock the file


This message means that the .TIBX backup archive is in use by some application.


Make sure that the file is not being used for a different operation such as other users browsing the archive contents or using it for recovery / Instant Restore (Run as VM operation).

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud: By default, the file should be unlocked after 5 minutes after operations with it are finished.

If the file is not in use and the issue persists after waiting 10 minutes, collect system report from the affected agent machine and contact Acronis Support: