60653: Acronis Cyber Protect, Acronis Cyber Backup: "An activity with ID = '...' cannot be found" error

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Last update: 29-11-2021


An activity (remote installation, tape management, recovery and others) is still displayed as running, although the activity is already completed.

If you try to cancel this activity manually, you receive this error:

Error code: 13
Module: 309
Lineinfo: 0xFADBAB355CC2CC2E
Fields: {"$module":"management_server_vsa64_7970"}
An activity with ID = 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX' cannot be found.


"Activity with ID... is not found"


Issue in the product.


Acronis development is working on the issue. Meanwhile please follow the instructions below.

Acronis Management Server is on a Windows machine


Acronis Management Server is on a Linux machine

This includes Acronis Cyber Backup Appliance (All-in-One Appliance)

Use this workaround to delete all activities including hanging backups:

  1. Open Terminal.
    For All-in-One Appliance, open the CentOS Terminal of the All-in-One Appliance using PuTTY. You need to provide the IP address of the All-In-One Appliance. Then you'll need to enter the root username and your password that used to enter Acronis Management Console (that is root by default).
  2. Stop Service Manager:
    systemctl stop acronis_asm.service
  3. Create a new folder to move the old databases of Acronis Task Manager:
    mkdir /var/lib/Acronis/TaskManager/old
  4. Move the old DBs to the new folder:
    mv /var/lib/Acronis/TaskManager/task_manager_db.sqlite* /var/lib/Acronis/TaskManager/old/
  5. Start Service Manager:
    systemctl start acronis_asm.service

There are no more activities in the web console; all activities are deleted and no “hanging” backups are shown.