56040: Acronis Backup to Cloud: Backup Fails with "Please check the backup archive password that is specified in the task script"

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Last update: Mi, 2016-03-30 11:56


  1. You have created an Initial Seeding backup.
  2. Backup is successfully uploaded to the cloud, and you start an incremental backup.
  3. Backup fails with:

Error code: 1018
Module: 1
LineInfo: 64a31b1b5afdb1e7
Fields: $module : disk_bundle_vs_39029
Message: Please check the backup archive password that is specified in the task script.


You have specified incorrect archive protection key.


Verify archive protection key:

  1. In Acronis Management Console navigate to Options > Console Options > Credentials cache.
  2. Disable the option to store credentials and click on the Clear Credentials Cache button. Note: this will clear all saved passwords. Please be sure you remember all passwords used in the software as you will be asked to specify them anew.
  3. Apply settings.
  4. Close Acronis Backup console.
  5. Launch Acronis Backup console again.
  6. Navigate to the Cloud vault (account password will be requested).
  7. Unfold the Cloud archive to view its versions (archive protection key will be requested). Wait for it to load contents. If the backup version is shown, try to browse it.
    Acronis Backup needs correct key to be able to access and to view backup content and cannot access backup content without correct key. Having no backup content displayed means the key you have specified is incorrect. Repeat steps 1-5 with the correct key.
    As an additional way of verification you can try browsing archive using Acronis bootable media.

Now when you are sure the key is correct:

  1. Create a new backup task and select the Initial Seeding archive in the Cloud as Where to back up, archive protection key should be automatically applied if the archive was just opened through the Vault view, if not, check the corresponding option and provide the key there.
  2. Save the task with the desired options and run the backup.