40778: Acronis SharePoint Explorer: Prompt for Credentials when Extracting Data in SharePoint Content Deployment format to the Local Folder

Last update: 24-07-2017

Provide credentials of the user that has access to the network share on the Agent machine


  1. You start extracting attachments in SharePoint Content Migration Package format to the local folder;
  2. The Console asks for credentials:


When you extract data in SharePoint Content Migration Package format, the Agent extracts it to a temporary folder local to the Agent machine. To get the data back to the target folder on the Console machine, the Console needs to share it for full access for the Agent, so it requests for the local administrator credentials to create that network share.


Provide credentials of the Console machine local administrator.

More information

Please also note that the Console machine should be accessible from Agent machine by hostname, or else the Specified folder is not accessible error appears: