36952: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5: MS Exchange Archive Structure

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Last update: Mi, 2019-09-04 20:57

The structure of MS Exchange information store, transaction logs and mailbox archives consists of multiple components, which ensure data integrity and faster access to archived contents.

Exemplary structure of the information store full backup:

  1. File that does not have any postfixes and contains only the archive name and .tib extension is a general archive metadata file.
  2. File that contains "_blob" in its name is an actual backup of information store, transaction logs or mailboxes.
  3. Files that contain metadata of the archived contents contain "_rank" in their name. There can be several different types of content metadata:
    1. rank_0 - contains general information about the backup (type, date, commentaries, size, etc.)
    2. rank_1 - metadata for instances (storage groups), databases, mailboxes.
    3. rank_2 - mailbox folders, mails, attachments metadata.
    4. rank_3 - all other metadata that is required for a restore.
  4. "*_gena.tib" - is used as a flag to indicate that archive metadata is up-to-date. Its absence or content corruption causes only performance penalty in browsing/recovering from an archive.
  5. "_bunch_x" - is used to indicate the backup chain.
  6. "_dupa.tib" is a copy of general metadata file in case it becomes corrupted.


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