36478: Acronis Cyber Protect, Acronis Cyber Backup: How to Restore Files and Folders from Cloud (Web Restore)

Last update: 24-08-2021

This article is for Acronis Cyber Backup. For Acronis True Image, see Acronis True Image: how to restore files and folders from Cloud Storage (web restore)

By using a web browser you can browse Acronis Cloud Storage, view contents of your cloud backup archives, and download selected files and folders. This feature is called Acronis Web Restore.

You can access the Web Restore page in one of these ways:

  • by starting a restore of a cloud backup from product interface
  • by navigating from your Acronis account or dashboard page
  • by opening this link for Acronis Cyber Backup
  1. After you have provided your credentials, the browser forwards you to your cloud storage. Click the name of the machine whose data you want to retrieve.
  2. The software displays both file-level and disk-level archives of this machine's data.
    (!) Note for users of the Acronis Cyber Backup Initial Seeding service: while an initial seeding backup is being uploaded from your hard drive to Acronis Cloud Storage, the backup is visible but its data is not retrievable.
  3. Click the required archive. If prompted, enter the archive password.
  4. The software displays all the files and folders of this archive. Find the files and/or folders you want to recover:
    • browse to the required folder
    • or use search to obtain the list of the required files and folders:

      The search string can contain one or more wildcard characters * and ?.
  5. Select files and/or folders for recovery:
  6. Click Download:
  7. Choose where to save the created archive: