30461: Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced: Adding a Machine to Acronis Management Server Errors Out with "Failed to add machine to the management server"

Last update: 31-05-2021

There are two possible causes. Please read the article to fix the issue


  1. You are adding an Acronis Agent to the Acronis Management Server;
  2. The attempt fails with the following error message:

    Failed to add machine 'NAME' to the management server


There are two general causes:

Cause 1

You have a machine that is a cloned off of another machine. For example, you have backed one machine and restored to another one.

On an attempt to add both machines (the original one and the cloned one) to Acronis Management Server, only one machine is added successfully. The other one fails because the instance ID is the same for both machines in Acronis Management Server.

Cause 2 (applies to Management Server using SQL server databases)

Adding the Acronis Agent to the Acronis Management Server was interrupted and did not complete successfully. Because of this, the Acronis Agent was not added to the Acronis SQL instance correctly.

The attempt to re-add the Acronis Agent failed because of the previous leftovers in the Microsoft SQL database.