8456: Acronis Processes Consume 100% of CPU without Freezing or Slowing Down the System

Last update: 24-02-2010

This is normal behavior

This article applies to:

  • All Acronis products in Windows


Sometimes when Acronis processes run, Task Manager displays 100% processor usage. For example, that can happen when a backup task runs. TaskService.exe process may take up to 100% of CPU for the time of backup creation. Though this happens, no significant decrease in performance and stability is observed.

This is normal behavior - this is the design of Windows. It can be explained in the following way:

There are several processes in the execution queue. The priority of the processes is defined by various factors, so each process is given some CPU time. When a process exhausts the given CPU time, it is placed at the end of the queue. Most of the processes are carrying out certain events and their execution again depends on various factors like operating system response, data I/O, user interaction. Such processes usually consume a limited amount of CPU time as neither of the processes uses the CPU for an extended period of time.

However, sometimes a process is to carry out a job consuming more time, like reading an Exchange database file (e.g in Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange) or writing a backup file to a location. Such job does not require any user interaction or operating system response and it can run without pauses throughout the entire execution. While the process is performing that job, all free CPU time is given to that process by Windows. Windows places such processes at the end of the execution queue to avoid the operating system freeze.

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