8155: Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010: Activity Report via E-Mail Notifications Fails in Parental Control

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Last update: Wed, 2010-02-10 10:09

E-mail notifications fail

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  1. You enable the activity report via e-mail under Parental Control (see Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010: Parental Control):

  2. Then you set up the e-mail notifications:

  3. After clicking Test Settings, you receive one of the following messages:

    The e-mail notifications are valid. A test e-mail has been
    successfully sent to the following recipient address:
    name_receive@domain.com. Please check your e-mail account to
    ensure that the message was received correctly.

    The SMTP Server name or port number you specified is invalid.
    Please check each of them to ensure they have been filled in
    correctly and try again.

    A communication error occurred. The communication protocol used
    by the server is not compatible with SMTP. Please use a different
    server for configuring the notification alerts.

    Authentication failed. The SMTP server specified by you is requesting
    user authentication. Please check your username and password, to
    make sure they are typed correctly.

  4. Regardless of the message (including the successful one), the e-mail notifications fail.


Under investigation.


Unfortunately, there is no solution at the moment.

More information

Acronis Development Team is working on fixing the issue.