8149: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect: Linux-based bootable media does not support PERC RAID controllers

Last update: 25-08-2021


  1. You have a machine with PERC S300/S130/S100/H740P/H840/H745PMX RAID
  2. You boot this machine from Linux-based Acronis Bootable Media;
  3. The RAID array is detected as separate drives or is not available for selection.


Acronis Bootable Media does not support PERC RAID controllers because they do not have an open-source driver. And as such, these drivers cannot be included in Acronis Bootable Media.


There are two possible workarounds to allow bootable media to detect PERC RAID controllers:

  1. If you have Windows-based environment, create a WinPE bootable media instead of Linux-based bootable media: see product documentation for instructions. 
    If the RAID is not detected in the Windows PE enviroment, you might need to use the drvload command and load drivers manually when booting up the WinPE. See the syntax for drvload: Drvload Command-Line Options
  2. If you need to restore / back up a Linux machine, build your own media as described in How to Update Acronis Bootable Media with Closed-Source Kernel Modules.

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