7963: First cloud backup is slow

Last update: 29-04-2021

The initial backup speed might be slower than expected when using cloud storage for the first time. Online services depend on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for performance and are independent of the actual software. No one vendor controls the overall Internet and Internet performance is a factor with online services, unfortunately. Some users will have higher performance if they have higher bandwidth connections; others will be slower.

The good news is that, after the initial backup, only the new and changed files get backed up over the Internet each time. The amount of data will be much less and so will the time for each backup.

What you can do:

One idea would be to select only your most critical files for the initial backup. When that is complete, then add more files and folders for the 2nd backup. And use this approach until all of your data is protected online.

Another idea would be to launch your initial backup over a weekend or a time when you know you will not be using your PC.

More information

You can also set your CPU priority/operation priority to “high” in the backup options tab to improve system performance of the backup service. After the initial backup is completed, Acronis recommends moving the setting back to “low” so it does not impact the performance of your other applications.

Please contact Acronis Support if you have further questions or need assistance.