71863: Acronis DeviceLock DLP: How to Configure Sharing Permissions in macOS Ventura

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Last update: 10-03-2023


In order for a user to connect successfully from the Windows DeviceLock Management Console to the standalone macOS agent on macOS Ventura, they need to manually configure sharing permissions.


1. Go to System Preferences > General > Sharing.

2. Click the Information icon for File Sharing.

3. In the File Sharing dialog, click the Options button.

4. Enable access by activating the checkbox for the Mac account that you want use to connect to the macOS machine from the Windows Management Console.

5. After completing the steps above, the Windows DeviceLock Management console will ask you for your MacOS account credentials in order to connect successfully.

If, after following the instructions above, you are still unable to connect to the Mac agent, do the following:

1. Go to System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Full Disk Access.

2. Add DLSystemService to the application list. You can find the agent binary at /Library/DeviceLockAgent/Services/.

3. Go to System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Accessibility and repeat the last step.