71795: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Outbound email scanning for Microsoft 365 users

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Last update: 21-02-2023


Starting from C23.02, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud introduces the new feature "Outbound email scanning for Microsoft 365 users".

This feature improves the quality of the partner experience by providing the following:

  • Enable partners to use Acronis to improve protection and reduce the cost of services when outbound scanning is mandatory.
  • Reduce risk for reputation damage by detecting malicious emails originating from the end customer's email service.
  • Improve inbound protection accuracy by better understanding communications with external parties.

What's new

  • Detect incidents where emails with malicious content (such as malware, zero days malware, and phishing URLs) are sent from the end customer's email service.
  • Add outbound scanning to Microsoft 365 email domains that are already protected (in-line method).
  • Onboard new Microsoft 365 domains with outbound email scanning.
This feature is available in Advanced Email Security pack. The supported licensing models are: Per gigabyte, Per workload