71774: Acronis Cyber Files Cloud: Sign-in from a mobile device fails due to the slow connection to Acronis Cyber Cloud

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Operating Systems: 

    Last update: 15-02-2023


    On your mobile device, you sign in to Acronis Cyber Files Cloud. After entering a valid username and password, the inline browser never redirects the user back to the mobile application. Instead, either the spinner icon stays indefinitely in the center of the screen, or there is a message that the application's "links are blocked".

    Who is affected?

    Users who have Chrome-based browsers set as default on their mobile devices and have slow connection to Acronis Cyber Cloud.


    Due to changes introduced in the mobile browsers engine (chromium), mobile applications now have 5 seconds to complete the sign-in and redirect to the mobile application. The redirect chain starts with the last screen gesture and must be completed within this time period. If the operation lasts more than 5 seconds, the navigation is blocked.


    The designed behavior of the browser.


    1. Use faster connection to Acronis Cyber Files Cloud server.
    2. Make an additional screen gesture to extend the timeout limit:
      - In the Sign-in screen, provide your credentials аnd tap Continue.
      - Make another gesture (e.g. tap or swipe the screen).
      ​​​​​​​This adds a new gesture to the redirection chain, and the navigation should be successful.
    3. If the issue is still not resolved, consider using a different browser (set a non-chromium-based browser as default on your mobile device).