71755: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Support of management High Availability with 5 nodes

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Last update: 15-02-2023


Starting from 5.4 release, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure introduces the new feature "Support of management HA with 5 nodes".

This feature improves the quality of the partner experience by improving the resiliency of the system. When the number of nodes part of management HA is extended to 5, the system will be able to tolerate 2 management nodes failures.

How to enable it

  1. The management node high availability will have to be created from 3 nodes.
  2. Once the management HA is created, 4th and 5th nodes can be added to it:
  • 4th and 5th nodes are not mandatory to be part of the compute cluster. These 2 can be also nodes from the storage cluster
  • If the 4th and 5th nodes are part of storage cluster, when added to the management HA, they will be shown as part of the compute cluster too but only with controller role
    Virtual machines will not be scheduled on them.