71751: [StandaloneDLP] How to Use SQL Server Settings to Fix Empty DLES Relation Charts

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    Last update: 20-02-2023


    When attempting to view Relation Charts using the DeviceLock Management Console, the charts are not visible. Instead, the following error message is displayed:

    There is no data that meets your criteria.

    Note: To view Relation Charts using the DeviceLock Management Console, go to DeviceLock Enterprise Server > Reports > Relations Chart.


    Follow the steps outlined below to fix empty Relation Charts using the SQL Server settings:

    1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the SQL server used by the DeviceLock Enterprise Server.

    2. In the Object Explorer panel, right-click on SQL Server name and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

    3. In Server Properties window, click on the Connection link on the left-hand side to open the Connection page.

    4. Uncheck the checkbox next to the Use query governor to prevent long-running queries option or change the threshold in the field below to 600 or higher.

    5. The Relations Chart should now be visible as expected: