71732: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint seat calculation prerequisites

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    Last update: 15-02-2023


    Due to Office 365 integration between Acronis platform and Microsoft, customers may not be able to interpret how the changes in Office 365 are synced on Acronis side.

    In this article we will explain how Acronis Microsoft 365 seats in per workload model are billed for Admin users (external users), Microsoft Teams users and SharePoint users.



    Customer never switched on OneDrive for the user but the user is shown to has OneDrive in Acronis, thus seat is counted.


    Expected Behavior on Microsoft side; when a user is created in Office 365, it automatically gets OneDrive created.


    1. Customer should remove OneDrive user from Sharepoint Admin center, more information can be found in this Microsoft article
    2. When operation is completed, a manual discovery of resources for the M365 organization from the Cyber Protect console is needed.
    3. Files saved in OneDrive for Business aren't deleted unless the user is deleted from the Microsoft 365 admin center or is removed through Active Directory synchronization.

    Microsoft Teams


    Customer has Microsoft 365 Teams that have less users than what is discovered on Acronis side.


    Expected Behavior on Microsoft side as there are options for Teams to be private or public.


    When a team is private only the users in the team will be counted on our side, but when teams are public Microsoft considers that all organization members are a part of the team since they have the option to join without permission:

    • Public team - A public team is a team that anyone in the organization can join. Public teams do not require a team owner to invite someone to the team.

    • Private team - A private team is a team that a person can only join when invited by a team owner. Both public teams and private teams offer the same channel types - standard, private, and shared.

    More information can be found in this Microsoft article



    All users that have access to a SharePoint site and have Mailbox or OneDrive are billed for a seat.


    Expected Behavior.


    To resolve this issue, choose one of these methods:

    •  Set quota to unlimited and the system will automatically assign the needed seats. More information can be found in Product Documentation
    • Check the members and permissions in Office 365, please follow the steps in this Microsoft article