71711: Usage is empty after the upgrade to Acronis APS 2.6 (build 2708)

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    Last update: 08-02-2023


    After the upgrade of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud APS from a previous version to the latest version 2.6 (Build 2708) daily subscription usage reporting might fail. Usages in subscriptions are not updated and it results in incorrect billing of end customers.

    The following error messages can be found in Events.log:

    WARNING E_WARNING: Attempt to read property "subscriptionId" on null File: /var/www/html/backupservice/app/UsageReport/TenantsMap/TenantsMap.php Line: 83

    ERROR WARNING (2): Attempt to read property "subscriptionId" on null in file /var/www/html/backupservice/app/UsageReport/TenantsMap/TenantsMap.php on line 83 File: /var/www/html/backupservice/app/classes/Errors.php Line: 62


    To solve this issue it is necessary to replace the TenantsMap.php file with the attached file on the APS endpoint server.

    1. APS endpoint URI can be found in the following way:
      1. Navigate to Services > Applications > Acronis Cyber Cloud > Instances
      2. Find Endpoint URI for the Application Instance, e.g.
        • Here is BackNet NIC of the APS Application Endpoint Host. 
    2. Login to the APS host.
    3. Navigate to /var/www/html/backupservice/app/UsageReport/TenantsMap/
    4. Replace the file TenantsMap.php with the file attached to the kb article.