71629: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Group management for Microsoft 365/Google Workspace

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Last update: 20-01-2023


Starting from C23.01, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud introduces the new feature "Group management for Microsoft 365/Google Workspace".

This feature improves the quality of the partner experience by saving time and effort with streamlined protection management for multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace workloads. It also eliminates the need to configure protection for each individual workload. This is especially useful in scenarios where customers have 100+ seats.

What's new

  • You can create a static group of workloads.
  • You can create a dynamic group of workloads based on various criteria, including membership in specific Azure AD groups.
  • You can apply/revoke plan to the group.
This feature is available in Advanced Backup pack. The supported licensing models are: Per gigabyte, Per workload

More information

Additional Information can be found in the Product Documentation.