7161: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Creating OVF Template to Import VMware Workstation Virtual Machine to ESX/ESXi Server

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Last update: 02-02-2010

You need to convert to virtual machine to an OVF package first


To import a VMware virtual machine, converted by means of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, to ESX/ESXi server, you need to convert it first to an OVF package.


  1. Download the VMware OVF Tool (you will need to have an account at the VMware website);
  2. Proceed as described in the VMware OVF Tool User Guide;

    The typical command to convert the virtual machine file to an OVF package is:

    ovftool f:/AcronisConvertedBackupLocation/OperatingSystem.vmx x:/SomePlace/OperatingSystem.ovf

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The OVF package can then be imported to ESX/ESXi server via vSphere Client (File -> Import).