71450: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Microsoft OneDrive backup fails with "Service 'Microsoft OneDrive' is temporarily not available: 'Error: 404 GET"

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Last update: 29-12-2022


  • C2C backup of Microsoft OneDrive fails with: 

    "Service 'Microsoft OneDrive' is temporarily not available. 'Error: 404 GET https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/drives/ {\"error\":{\"code\":\"itemNotFound\",\"message\":\"The resource could not be found.\",\"innerError\":

    {\"date\":\"2022-09-29T04:49:26\",\"request-id\":\"9637368e-d21d-42be-a482-eadcdec01737\",\"client-request-id\":\"4406c80c-871f-4696-b8ce-dde7d83d4fad\"}}}'. Please try again later"


The issue usually occurs due to incidents on Microsoft side that cause creation of incomplete backups.

This issue has been resolved.