71417: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: MI-assisted backup validation via Run VM: screenshot verification

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Last update: 24-11-2022


C22.11 introduces a new feature to "Off-host data processing" that provides 100% validation - via a boot screenshot - that the system can be booted after recovery from the backup. These screenshots are auto-analyzed by AI/MI engine without the need for user interaction.

What's new

  • Validation of the backups is performed via Acronis Instant Restore (run VM from backup).
  • Works for both Windows and Linux backups.
  • The results of the validation are recorded in the backup properties and are easily accessed.

How it works

  • Partner administrator creates and runs backup validation plan with new option enabled
  • Gets email notifications with boot screenshot included to validate the status.
  • Gets validation statuses of the recovery points in the backup console UI: