71289: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: Monitoring - Activities list and features

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Last update: 21-02-2023


The Activities tab provides an overview of the current and past activities.

The retention period is 90 days. To change the retention period, follow the steps mention in the Product Documentation.

How it's used

  • To customize the view of the Activities tab, click the gear icon and select the columns that you want to see:
  • To see the activity progress in real time, ensure that the Refresh automatically check box is selected:

Search Criteria

You can search the listed activities by the following criteria:

  • Device name
    This is the machine on which the activity is carried out.

  • Started by
    This is the account who started the activity.

Available filters

You can filter the activities by the following properties:

  • Status

  • Type

  • Time

More Information

You can receive a report showing a summary about the activities that were performed during a specified time period. Learn more about this in the Product Documentation