71242: Acronis Cyber Protect: Virtual machine doesn't boot during Instant Restore (Run as VM) if there are dynamic disks: "No bootable devices found"

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Last update: 14-03-2023


  • You back up a virtual machine that has a dynamic volume or disk
  • After successful backup, it is not possible to run it as VM "BIOS isn't able to find a bootable partition"
  • You see errors similar to "No media found" or "No bootable devices found"


If the backup software detects that disk is a part of a Dynamic volume/disk, it falls back to RAW disk backup: all sectors of the whole disk will be backed up without analyzing the partition structure on the disk and without storing the volume images separately. This creates issues during Virtual Machine boot.

Acronis Development team is planning to improve handling of the issue in future builds.

In the meantime, follow the workaround below


You can apply one of these workarounds to solve the issue:

  • Change the hard disk boot order manually in BIOS settings during Run as VM or VM recovery
  • Make bootable disk the first in the source VM:
  1. place the disk in SAS controller 0, position 0 in the configuration of the source VM
  2. make backup of the VM