71175: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Recovery of cPanel account fails with "Insufficient disk space is available"

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Last update: 29-12-2022


  1. You have created the backup on the cPanel
  2. Expanded the size of the source disk
  3. Selected the previous recovery point and tried to restore
  4. Recovery fails with the error message:

Insufficient disk space is available. "/var/lib/Acronis/mount/cc745d39-1661966674273_0_1668889338_23/root/acronis_backup_accounts" on host "server.domain.com" has 24 KB free and requires at least 123.74 GB free, which includes space for temporary files"


The tmp partition is exhausted by snumbd layer files that contain all changes written into the mounted backup.


  1. Choose a partition with enough free space e.g. 124GB
  2. Create a folder for snumbd layers on this partition
  3. Use the path to this folder in command to update snumbd layers location and restart mms service to apply changes:
echo 'export ACRONIS_MOUNT_TMP_DIR=/root/Acronis_tmp' > /usr/lib/Acronis/system_libs/config; service acronis_mms restart`