71141: Acronis Cyber Protect: Difference between Bytes saved and Bytes processed in backup activities

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Last update: 03-03-2023


While using Acronis Cyber Protect you might encounter the terms "Bytes processed" and "Bytes saved".

Bytes processed is the Size of files processed on disk or any other backup source. While Bytes saved means the bytes written in the current backup after compression. 

The "Bytes saved" value should match the size of the corresponding slide, but there are some cases where this doesn't occur due to known issues in product. In this article 2 Known issues will be shown.

Scenario 1

  1. You have created a backup plan for Exchange/ SQL Database to Acronis Cloud Storage.
  2. The Plan was executed twice to create Full and Incremental backups
  3. You have navigated to the Activities of the plan to view the details showing the "Bytes saved" value
  4. You clicked on the Backup storage tab to see the size of the Incremental slice.
  5. "Bytes saved" is bigger than the actual size of the Incremental slice:

Scenario 2

  1. You are using MacOS 10.15.4 and has installed Acronis Cyber Protect Agent.
  2. You have created a protection plan of the entire machine and chose both local and network folders as a destination.
  3. After executing the plan, you navigated to the Activities where the details are showing the "Bytes saved" value of the slice.
  4. Opened the Backup storages (local and Network) to see the size of the slice there.
  5. "Bytes saved" is smaller than the actual size of the slice.


Issues in the product. 

These issues will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases. 

This article will be updated as soon as the issues are resolved.