71125: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: How to recover Files larger than 100 MB

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    Last update: 07-09-2022


    The management portal enables you to save and download Files/Folders that have been backed up. However, downloading is not available if your selection contains folders or the total size of the selected files exceeds 100 MB. This article will provide you with the methods to recover files larger than 100 MB.

    How to recover Files larger than 100 MB

    There are 2 methods to recover files larger than 100 MB, using the backup console or using the web restore console

    From the Backup Console:

    1. Log in to the management portal.
    2. Click on the tab "Devices"
    3. Select the device
    4. Click on Recovery
    5. Click on Recover Files/Folders
    6. Browse to the required folder or use the search bar to obtain the list of the required files and folders.
    7. Choose the File larger than 100 MB and click on Recover
    8. Select Original Location or Custom Location
    9. Click on Start Recovery

    From the Web Restore Console:

    1. Click on the tab "Devices"
    2. Select the backed up device
    3. Click on Recovery
    4. Choose More ways to recover
    5. Click on Download Files
    6. You will be directed to the Web Restore Console
    7. Choose the desired Machine
    8. A list of backups will be shown, browse for the desired file
    9. Select the file
    10. Click on Download

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