70942: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: How to add a Google Workspace organization

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    Last update: 11-01-2023


    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud provides the possibility to protect your Google Workspace data. To learn more about the full scope of this feature, the required user rights and the limitations, check the product documentation here.

    In this article, the process of adding a Google Workspace organization to the Cyber Protection service is shown along with what you need to do before adding the organization.


    Before you add the Google Workspace organization to the Cyber Protection service, you need to do the following:

    Create a new Google Cloud project

    Enable the required APIs for this project

    Configure the credentials for this project

    Grant the new project access to your Google Workspace account

    Adding a Google Workspace organization

    After you have created a personal Google Cloud project, you need to link the project you have created earlier to the Cyber Protection service to back up the data. Please do the following steps:

    1. Sign in to the service console as a company administrator.
    2. Click Devices > Add > Google Workspace:                                                                  
    3. Enter the email address of a Super Administrator of your Google Workspace account.

      For this procedure, it is irrelevant whether 2-Step Verification is enabled for the Super Administrator email account.

    4. Browse for the JSON file that contains the private key of the service account that you created in your Google Cloud project:

      You can also paste the file content as text.

    5. Click Confirm.

    As a result, your Google Workspace organization appears under the Devices tab in the service console.

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