70767: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: One Click Recovery

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Last update: 13-12-2022

What is One-click recovery

In case of a malware attack, there is a need to recover multiple machines even if they are not connected to the management server.

One-click recovery allows users to recover the latest disk backup of their machines automatically. This can be a backup of the entire machine, or a backup of specific disks or volumes on this machine.


  1. You have Advanced Backup pack edition.

  2. There is at least one disk backup of the selected machine.

  3. An administrator has activated One-click recovery backup option in the protection plan.


How to recover the machine

  1. Power on the machine.
  2. Initiate Acronis Startup Recovery (ASRM) manager loading.
  3. ASRM is started.
  4. Menu with the following items is shown:
    1. Recover machine from the latest backup
    2. Select the backup to recover from
    3. Manual recovery
    4. Reboot
  5. Select "Recover machine from the latest backup"
  6. Machine is recovered from the latest backup.

How to Disable One-click recovery option

Choose one of these methods to disable:

  1. Revoke the protection plan where the option is enabled from the machine.
  2. Edit the protection plan and disable One Click Recovery option.
  3. Remove One Click automation from ASRM (Acronis Startup Recovery Manager)

More information

Fur further assistance, contact Acronis Support