70746: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Issues with synchronization between Microsoft 365 and Acronis console

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Last update: 13-12-2022


You are facing one of these issues:

  • You notice that some items (Sharepoint site, a user mailbox, etc.) are not shown in Acronis console, especially if the item has been created/ edited recently.
  • You have deleted an item from Microsoft 365/ Google Workspace, but the same item (mailbox, site, etc.) is still visible in Acronis console. Backup of such sources may fail.


This state is caused by the fact that changes in Microsoft 365 have been done less than 24 hours ago.

However, automatic synchronization between Microsoft 365 and Acronis console happens only once in 24 hours.


To synchronize the changes manually, please do the following:

  1. Select the organization on the Microsoft 365 page
  2. Click on Refresh

For Google Workspace:

  1. Select the Google Workspace organization in the console
  2. Click on Refresh